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A new revolution is slowly in the making within the party balloon manufacturing world. The old foil party balloons are slowly going the way of the dodo, and a new paradigm is emerging. These “new” balloons have actually been around for about the last decade. These are the bubble balloons. They were initially made by the company TK Innovations Inc. and later the patent was bought by Qualatex and now they make bubble balloons and double bubble balloons with their new Qualatex Bubbles line. Their line is quite extensive now with their new bubble balloons. They have 22” soccer balls, basket balls, baseballs now. They also have a bubble smiley face, Hannah Montana, Earth globe, even a giant eyeball for Halloween. It is expected that in the near future, bubble balloons will slowly overtake foil party balloons in the market. So Why Are Bubble Balloons Better Bubble balloons are made of a stretchable plastic and are shaped like almost perfect spheres. They have one seam and are made of two hemispheres. When you fill up a bubble balloon to its fullest, no wrinkles appear like the wrinkles of a full blown foil or mylar balloon. The coolest thing about bubble balloons is that they can be completely clear.

Also, they are durable, never oxidize and are hypo-allergenic. Most of the new designs like the Earth bubble balloons have a really good color and detailed artwork. The transparency also allows for bubble balloons with a shape inside. These are called double bubble balloons as you can see below: They are simply just prettier! The art work is of much better quality. Tips for Bubble Balloons If you want your bubble balloon to float for three weeks, make sure it is no smaller than 22”, and that it is filled completely, 100%. You must inflate any bubble balloon immediately after taking it out of its package. If you don’t, the balloon will dry out. When you fill it after it dries out, it will pop or rupture. If your bubble balloon dried out or was left out of its packaging for a while, you can re-hydrate it. One way is to hang the unfilled bubble balloon in the bathroom and run the hot shower for about 30 minutes. This will rehydrate the balloons. Another way is to store the unfilled bubble balloon in a ziplock bag with a moist towel in it. The towel should be inside of an open paper bag so that the moisture gets into the balloon, but not the wetness. The moisture allows your dry bubble balloons to regain their flexibility. Once the bubble balloon is fully inflated, it can no longer be dried out and it won’t pop. Another great advantage of bubble balloons is that you can double stuff them with a latex balloon.

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