Web Design for Business – How To Get It Right?

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Creating The Perfect Design

The idea of creating a new website or redesigning an old one can be paralysing for firms. Yet, we all understand that a well-made site can act as the catch-all for patrons. So, we spoke to Ms. Clara of a popular Web Design Company in Chennai, www.digitalseo.in/web-designing-company-chennai and asked her to give three tips. Tricks that are non-negotiable, concepts that must be used in creating the perfect design. Without any hand-holding, let’s dive into them.

  • The first thing a viewer sees is the homepage. It offers the first impression of your business. This makes it the most crucial part of a site and the most significant. Ergo, it has to be impactful. Think of it as the place that introduces your company to the to-be-customer. It should have a simple outline that provide easy access to every information the patron may need such as:
  1. Who you are?
  2. What you do?
  3. How you do it?
  4. How to contact you?

For small firms and websites which have few pages, the home page is even more critical because it acts as the anchor for the entire site.

  • The design of the site has to keep the customer in focus. As long as it is customer-centric, it will be useful. When a person lands on your site, they should see answers to their queries and difficulties. To do so, remember a few things:
  1. Patrons want it to be genuine
  2. They wish for explicit messages that offer the same ideas
  3. They want to reach information quickly

So be innovative with your site but don’t compromise the message for design.

  • Never, ever pack any page with content especially the homepage. The more cluttered it is, the less the probability of customers finding the valuable information they want. It results in a bad experience and worse impression. So, keep the content:
  1. Legible
  2. Accessible
  3. Appealing
  4. Easily navigated

Guidelines To Follow

  1. Call to action buttons must be obvious
  2. Navigation buttons should be clear
  3. Titles should be bold with engaging colours
  4. The typography has to be readable and simple

They not only make the website eye-catching and memorable but also influence the ranking on search engines.

  • The last golden rule to creating a website that offers excellent user experience and increases conversion rate is clean and crisp design. Even the most well-made sites can fail to translate in numbers if the entire feel of it is not brief. Utilise white space and negative space to bring in neatness to the design. They allow not only for easier navigation but better eye appeal.
    The last bonus tip we leave you with is to show the contact details of the company clearly. You want the clients to reach out to you, give them the means to do so.
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