Two Trends to Watch for Better Lifestyle

Last year was the year of makeovers. The world took a new perspective on wellness. Conversations propped up everywhere about:

• mental health
• green beauty

Moreover, intermittent fasting took over the world, and breathwork gained popularity. Even the big companies sat up and took notice. So much so, they began to acquire start-ups that focused on health. The prediction is that this year the trends will continue. We as people will make healthy lifestyles more accessible and be more conscious of the planet. In this writeup, we take a gander at two lifestyle trends that will be in demand for the coming months.

1. Technology will change our recovery.

Innovation in technology is changing how we recover from injuries or continuous exercise regimes. Instead of requiring an hour with a specialist for relief, tools can be used at home for the same result. Recovery services like percussion therapy for muscle relief are not accessible from a gadget. As they become more mainstream a higher number of consumers will start using them at home.

2. Circadian rhythm will be the forefront.

Each one of us has heard the term circadian rhythm. It is the biological clock set within us that directs the mind when to wake up and when to fall asleep. It is controlled by two major hormones:
o Cortisol
o Melatonin

The second trend that will gain attention this year is more information on these two hormones and precisely what can we do to keep the sleep cycle in check.

We know that as morning peaks, the cortisol levels increase which makes the brain more alert. It readies us to seize the day. As evening comes, the melatonin levels begin to rise which helps the body to unwind and finally fall asleep at night. Both these hormones are controlled by light. The constant use of laptops, phones, and tablets exposes us to blue light which throws the hormone levels in imbalance. The more we are exposed to the blue light of screens, the more melatonin production is suppressed. It prevents us from having a good night’s sleep which leaves us feeling tired all day the next day. A lack of restful sleep is known to cause:

o weight gain
o diabetes
o high blood pressure

o other diseases

But we have already become cognisant of the impact gadgets are having on our circadian rhythms. This year, we will dive more deeply into understanding it and finding ways to curb it.
Already companies are coming out with features such as:

o night-light
o yellow-light
o bedtime light

All of them are blue light filters that help keep the melatonin levels where they should be after the sun sets. Recovery gadgets and focus on sleep cycle are the two significant trends that will rule the lifestyle industry for some time. But there is one element that is quickly gaining attention. We are learning to accept ancient practices that have been utilised for a long time for a healthier life such as Ayurveda and yoga.

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