4 Habits That Help Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

I want to lead a healthy life. This statement has been said by each one of us at one point or the other. We all wish to have a fitter body and robust mind. But knowing that adopting a lifestyle that leads to holistic well-being is only one side of the coin. The other is finding habits that bring about the change and then implementing them. This article is for all those people out there who wish to walk the path of a healthier lifestyle. We bring to you four practices that can keep the physique in tip-top condition and the mind balanced.

1. Water
Yes, it is one word that is repeated ad nauseam but, believe when we say that drinking more water is indeed the key. Every human body is 2/3 water which makes it imperative for almost every process inside it such as:
o temperature regulation
o removal of wastes
o transportation of nutrients

Keeping the body hydrated ensures that every process is conducted as required. So, what is the amount we should be drinking every day? Experts say that eight to ten glasses a day is an adequate amount. Remember because we lose water from perspiration and urine, the requirement may change.

2. Unplug
The way we begin our days and the way we end them is crucial. It can impact our mood, productivity, and most importantly health. For most of us, both times are about cell phones. We finish the day by browsing on our phone and open our eyes to it too. Essentially, it is the first and last thing we reach for. If you want to have a healthy body and a mind that is fit – unplug. At least an hour before you go to bed, switch off all gadgets and then unwind. The same practice should be inculcated when you wake up.

3. Read
Reading more books have known to keep the brain active, young and free of stress. Therefore, the next habit you should pick up is to read more. Create a routine of reading before bed even if it is just one chapter. Now follow it diligently. Plus, reading will increase your knowledge, boost your vocabulary and make you better in your field.

4. Walk
People say that exercising is vital to maintaining a body. While this adage is true, the first step to it is more straightforward – walking. We are corporate stooges who have to sit for hours on end behind a desk. A basic thing such as walking every few hours benefits us immensely. The lousy posture, fatigue, and pain that come with sitting continuously can be eased by getting up, stretching and then walking around after set intervals.
Besides walking regularly, try to create a good posture when you do it. To do so, keep your head high. Also, if walking is just not possible then invest in a comfortable chair that supports your lumbar. It will make sure that your spine is able to rest.

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