Power Yoga And Health

Since ages, yoga has been one of the most sorted forms of exercising and meditation that is believed to unite your body, spirit and mind. A more rigorous and energetic branch of yoga is the Power Yoga. Mostly practiced and popular in the western nations, this special art of yoga was introduced by two American yoga gurus. An exquisite combination of breathing exercises with meditation and unique postures, Power Yoga is a blend of modern exercising with the traditional yoga.

Traditional yoga with a healthy Twist

Strenuous movements of muscles as well as the unison of three yogic methodologies called Vinyasa, internal purification and Tristhana are the key concepts of this amazing yogic art. Initially started as a raging trend in the western nations, this yoga form is gradually spreading in the realms and lives of all the people all over the world. Contrary to the traditional yoga, Power Yoga is a more brisk form similar to aerobics performed in a fast pace continuously. Listed below are some of the many benefits that can be achieved with this divine art of yoga.

Benefits from Power Yoga:It improves flexibility of the joints and movement of the bones.It increases the strength of the muscles and tones them.Physical endurance power and stamina is enhanced to a great extent.The body posture is corrected and improved.The toxins inside the body are flushed out.Concentration and focusing power is increased.It goes a long way in the reduction of stress and tension Alleviates the body pains and aches.Complete relaxation of the mind and body is achieved.Calorie burning and attainment of lean muscular tissues.Increased blood circulation which yields a healthy and glowing skin.

Rejuvenate your body Mind and spirit

Since the aim of Power Yoga is the synchronization of the mind, body and soul; it is extremely useful in bringing mental awareness and elimination of harmful toxins and bacteria from the body through rigorous sweating. It leads you to a state of relaxation and rejuvenation. Power Yoga is certainly a more holistic and spiritual approach to attain complete fitness.

Do not burn your Fats, Tone them with care

Though as compared to other forms of workouts and exercises, Power Yoga burns lesser calories, if it is seen from a fat burning point of view; but it is helpful in toning your body and muscles without unnecessarily pressurizing your joints- an add on for the older guys! This yoga art is the best resort for those people who have pounds of flesh hanging loose and they want to desperately tone down their skin. This goes a brilliant way in toning all those loose muscles and making you achieve the much needed desired shape and form.

Patience and perseverance are the Keys

The key to derive maximum benefits from this splendid art of yoga is to concentrate and focus on the breathing exercises and the stretching. It takes a long term of practice and workout to show its concrete results. You need to be patient and bask in the glory of its many benefits if you really want to enjoy its long term pleasures. Buckle up your spirits and unite all your senses to feel the power of Power Yoga!

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